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Buck Wheat

Dark and smokey with deep molasses overtones, this is the godfather of honeys. It is a strong honey with high minerality that pairs with mild cheese and works perfectly as a sweet component in savory, butter-based sauces.

Portland Farmland

Taken from hives located in fertile Portland area farmland, this honey is exquisite. Deep blue and blackberry notes with lovely floral finish. Plenty of structure makes this honey an instant classic.

Willamette Valley

Harvested from hives located in the northern portion of Oregon's most fertile valley surrounded by vineyards, hops, and berry farms; this honey is robust yet complex. It captures the magic of the Willamette Valley.

Cherrywood Smoked

Our cherry wood smoked honey has been gently cold smoked by noted Chef BJ Smith of Portland's own Smokehouse 21.

The results are outstanding. Deep cherry, smoke, leather and tobacco notes blend to create a fantastically unique and pleasant flavor profile.

This is the perfect honey to use for BBQ-ing, in marinades and cocktails. The culinary uses are limitless.

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