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These travel size ritual misters are a perfect way to help set intentions and shift energy. Each mister is a specific blend of aromatherapeutic essential oils and handmade flower and gem essences meant to transform your space and mood.

Choose from the following line of elements:

S E A 
For Renewal + Invigoration + Clarity
A blend of Bay, Eucalyptus and Lemongrass essential oils. Fennel flower essence is added to help in your ability to see with more clarity that which no longer serves your highest good.

M O U N T A I N  
For Protection + Strength + Courage
A blend of Juniper, Spruce and Myrrh essential oils. Known as the Warrior's herb, Yarrow flower essence is added to provide energetic protection.

D E S E R T  
For Calm + Resilience + Love
A blend of Sage, Ylang Ylang and Lavender essential oils. Pure heart medicine,  Rose Quartz gem essence is added to help your heart heal and stay open to love. 

F O R E S T 
For Grounding + Focus + Growth
A blend of Cedar, Fir and Vetiver essential oils. Blackberry flower essence is added to help ground your ideas in reality. This combination will give you the energetic push you need to manifest your will into action, and is especially helpful when visualizing next steps and finding your voice.  

2oz glass mister bottle

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