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Ristretto Roasters Coffee

Ristretto Roasters produces handcrafted coffees roasted in small batches. All coffees are sourced by owner/roaster Din Johnson. We specialize in a medium roast, taking each coffee varietal to its peak of individual perfection.

Beaumont Blend

This blend is a tribute to Ristretto's roots in the Beaumont neighborhood of Portland. Robust and straightforward, yet surprisingly complex. Beaumont Blend is superb as straight espresso, a cappuccino or brewed in a French press.

In essence - Full Body, Low Acidity. Chocolate Truffle, Maraschino Cherry and Toasted Coconut

Cowboy Blend

Named in honor of the Brazilian farmers we met during our source trip to Brazil, this blend offers a round body packed with sweetness and zesty citrus notes. A beautifully balanced yet complex blend of coffees, it can be brewed using any method to produce outstanding results.

In essence - Medium body, medium-high acidity. Browned Butter, Brazil Nut, Candied Green Apple


Kalico is a private, woman-owned company. In 2011 and 2012, Kalico purchased the formerly state-run coffee-cherry washing stations. Located at 1,650 ‰ۡÌÝÌÒ 1,750 meters above sea level, in the lush growing region of Muyinga, these stations currently service 670 small-scale producers that grow primarily the bourbon varietal. Burundi has incredible potential for producing high-quality coffees, of which this lot is a prime example.

In essence - Medium Body, Medium-High Acidity. Tawny port, peaches, molasses.

Costa Rica

Santa Elena Estate extends more than 750 acres in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, southwest of the country‰ۡó»s capital of San Josí©. The soil here is volcanic and rich in dolomite, providing the perfect pH to produce beans noted for their perfect balance. An ideal climate of rain and sun, with eucalyptus, poro and Cypress trees providing shade for the plants and shelter to many species of birds, the Tarrazu region produces coffee beans of distinctive body, aroma and size.

In essence - Medium Body, Balanced Acidity. Meyer lemon, críÂme brÌÎÌölíÈe, baker‰ۡó»s chocolate


Medium Body, High Acidity. Coriander, Georgia peach, chocolate souffle

Comprised of sixty-two small growers, ‰ÛÏAPROCAFEQ El ParaÌ_so‰۝ Association is located in the municipality of Tarqui, Colombia. The association practices shade-growing techniques, using plantain, chachafruto, guamo and nogal trees to keep the growing coffee at ideal temperatures and shade. All coffee is processed in micro mills at each grower‰۪s farm and patio dried. The association is part of a model set up by the importer, Caravela, which focuses on financial transparency and returning a majority of profits to farmers and the association.

12 oz/whole bean

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