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Pork Stick?  Yes Please. 

Olympia Provions has been smoking pork sticks (with really good pork, in natural casings, over hickory and apple woods) since the beginning.  If you've been to our restaurants, you've probably had one of the long, thin, delicious sticks elegantly gracing the top of the deli case.  

Last fall, they started making these little shorties and wrapped them up all cute in a pocket-sized box.  Perfect for snacks, travel, pocket meat, and little gifts to say, "I love you... and you love meat."  Pepperettes come three to a pack and are about 2 oz total.  Try all three flavor profiles:

Petite Pierre - Juniper & Sea Salt

Kleine Schweine - Caraway & Coriander

Flaco Paco - Paprika & Garlic

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