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NW Bierhaus IPA Beef Jerky brings together the golden hops of IPA beer with our fine handcrafted jerky to create a harmonious experience that is undeniable.


Hot IPA:

Hot IPA blends the bold aroma of bitter, flavorful IPA beer with the spicy “WOW” of premium cut beef to create a new standard of jerky that calls to the adventurous, carnivorous appetite.


Pinot Noir:

Pinot Noir is a finicky grape. It grows well in the lush misty Oregon climate.  With a strong fruit intensity, Its complex flavor adds to the subtle yet powerful flavor of this one of a kind beef jerky.


Hot Pinot Noir:

Our Hot Pinot Noir Beef Jerky marries the polished essence of the Pinot Noir grape with a hot bold flavor to create this jerky masterpiece that will satisfy your gourmet senses and sophisticated appetite.

NET WT 4oz. (113g.)

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