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Extracto Coffee

11 of Spades

Silky smooth chocolate throughout, sweet dark fruit tones and a lingering German Chocolate finish. Eleven of Spades cuts through milk like a knife and stands on it's own deliciously. Exactly right for all brewing methods.

Natural Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Wote Konga

The Wote Konga is an absolute treat to the senses. This naturally processed varietal from the Konga Cooperative is truly unique, with a fruitful aroma and jammy full-body flavor. The cup is subtly sweet with notes of nectarine and cantaloupe.

Honey Processed Sumatra Mandheling

The fruit of the coffee cherry spends a little extra time on the bean with honey processing, imparting a subtle sweetness and rich, heavy body. We adore the sweet earthy aroma, hints of fig, dark ripe berries and a touch of brown sugar. Oh, so good!

El Salvador Santa Rita Peaberry

El Salvador’s Santa Rita is a comfort for cool mornings. The peaberry beans contribute a sweet-tart fruit quality (Mmm, Rainier cherries!) that both balance and lighten the wonderfully rich chocolate mousse flavors. A perfect companion for your breakfast or brunch.

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