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Hair of the Dog-

Real men don’t get hangovers – but if you had a couple too many drinks out with the boys last night and are feeling a little off your game in the morning then this is the tea for you. Packed with caffeine and antioxidants to help reconcile the aftermath of alcohol raging within your body and get you through your day with minimal casualties.

20 tea bags/net wt. 3.6 oz.



Need that mid-day rally and coffee just isn’t doing its job anymore? This is what this herbal blend is meant for – for when you don’t want to keep pumping your body with caffeine but need energy to focus and keep performing tasks with the precision and spirit. A good alternative to coffee and energy drinks in general. Also makes a mighty fine iced tea.

20 tea bags/net wt. 1.7 oz.


The Manliest Tea You Will Ever Drink-

What else has to be said? This is by far the manliest thing you will ever ingest. Lapsang souchong is black tea smoked with pine needles. It was Winston Churchill’s favourite tea (he allegedly would mix it with scotch in the mornings) and should be yours as well. You will never look at tea the same again.

20 tea bags/net wt. 3.2 oz.


Under the Weather-

Can’t get sick or afford to miss work because you feel a cold coming on? That’s ok because we’ve got your back here at the Blue Collar Tea Co. This blend is designed to provide maximum fighting power for whatever ails you so you will be back on your feet and building canoes in no time (or doing whatever you want because it’s a free country and we don’t judge).

20 tea bags/net wt. 1.7 oz.

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