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(By Belmont Blanket)

Dog Feed Bowl

A 15 day dry kibble feed bag improves on the approach of using a freezer bag. Utilizing the unique waterproof waxed cotton we import from Scotland, we developed the ultimate roll top feed storage bag for those long travels or when you drop off your buddy and doggy day care or a friend's house.

The bag is made from waterproof waxed cotton so it will deter moisture from accessing the food without trying hard. Wax can be reapplied if wear spots occur over time on the wax coating. We have even incorporated a stainless steel G hook that is manufactured in Portland, Oregon. If you couldn't infer from the other dog products we offer, this feed bag is hand built in Portland, Oregon.


Dog Water Bowl

We are introducing a 100% cotton water (feed) bowl that weighs less than 2 ounces and holds >32 ounces of liquid or feed. We hand build the bowl in Portland, Oregon and it has no seams. Our brand tag acts as a functional loop to attach to a pack or belt.

The urban adventurer that cares about their adventure dog's hydration needs should consider this. Comparable products are made from petroleum and likely produced in China. Hmmmm!?!?!?

Yes, it will hold water for days and not leach. We searched the world and found an innovative mill in Scotland that developed a waterPROOF waxed cotton for the luxury outerwear brand Barbour UK. After visiting Scotland this past summer to meet the team and tour the plant, we now source directly from the mill.

Whether on a full day hunt in dry terrain or a day hike where the water contain giardia, you can dispense a bit of water in the bowl and hydrate your cannine friend. Additionally, no clean water is wasted.


Dog Bed Roll

The perfect pad for the urban adventurer that wishes to offer a quality sleep or sit pad for their dog during any type of adventure. Ideally, roll and go on day adventures or longer term journeys. Hop in your transportation means and throw down the pad, pull up to a campsite and offer your pup an alternative to sleeping on dirt or maybe just toss on your bed at home in between adventures. 

At a finished size of approximately 36" x 28," the pad is triple stitched with industrial thread around the edges (one inside and 2 top stitched) and improved with a quilted X pattern to create a richer look and improve durability. The core fabric is imported from a 1800s family owned mill in Scotland that produces waxed cotton fabrics for luxury brands such as Barbour UK and Filson USA. Specifically, we use an 8 oz waterproof waxed cotton fabric that is extremely durable and can be recharged with a bar of wax we include with each set. This was only needs to be rubbed on and not heat applied.

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