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The Cocktail Hour: Whiskey, Brandy, & Tequila, A trio of single-spirit drink recipe guides from some of today’s most exciting bartenders, chefs, and drink writers. Each delightfully illustrated, pocket-sized volume features over two dozen drink recipes. With everything from authentic tequila classics like Don Javier’s Batanga and the brandy connoisseur’s beloved True French 75, to new takes on your favorite whisk(e)y cocktails (like The West EndTennessee Stud, and Rusty Rob, to name a few), these books are sure to keep you and your guests happy.


The Cocktail Hour: Rum, Gin, & Vodka is a trio of single-spirit drink recipe guides from some of today’s best bartenders and cocktail-savvy creatives. With a mix of fresh twists on classics and unique modern concoctions, each charmingly illustrated, pocket-sized volume showcases over two dozen drink recipes, including Caribbean classics like the Rum Swizzle, cold-weather comforts like the Yule Flip, seasonal delights like the aromatic Coupe de Saison, and bold drinks like the Vesper and the Guinevere.

Throw in recipes for easy-to-make infused liquors and professional-grade tinctures and syrups, and you’ll find that The Cocktail Hour: Rum, Gin, & Vodka is a perfect fit for novices and seasoned mixologists alike!

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