ONE OF US: Breyell


Events & Social Media Manager
since June 2016


Are you a maker? What did you do prior to joining the MadeHere PDX team? 

I am a maker! I currently co-own an art & apparel company called All Bad Days. Before MadeHere I focused mostly on building my brand and curating various social media content for small business’ around Portland!


What is your first memory of making things? 

That time I tried to make “cookies” by mixing equal parts water and flour and microwaving it when I was like 6 years old. I’ve gotten better at making things since then.

Fave brunch in Portland?

Sweedeedee! Honey Pie 'til the day I die. 

What does "made here" mean to you? 

“Made here” to me signifies the incredible eco-system of a maker community that can be found in so many different places. They each look very different, and some thrive more than others, but in order to sustain a healthy local community, a support system is a necessity. MadeHere embodies that ethos.

Your Summer 2016 theme song:  

Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al

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