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Sales Associate

since September 2015


When & why did you move to Portland?
We moved to Portland in the spring of 1994 for my dad's work at the time. 

Conceptually, what does "made here" mean to you?
The idea of something being made here to me is more than just physically making a product in the city, but to also bring to it a part of the city itself, something that makes it not just "made in Portland", but also having it FEEL like Portland. People say that about many things in the shop, "That's so Portland!", and I love that they get excited seeing wonderfully made products that will remind them of a vacation or a specific time here in Portland. 

What do you create?
I do freelance writing and photography, but I feel like what I am best at creating is a place for people to feel at home - being able to bring people into my home and cook them a meal, share a laugh & great conversations, have them feel comfortable and be cared for. Can hospitality be something you create? Because that's what I would say I create :) 

Fave Portland Haunt?
The Tannery is a ten second walk from my front door and there is never a lack of a friend or eight sitting out front, great food & drinks, and always a good DJ playing the best music. 

Best Portland Band of all time?
Oh geeze... There are so many, and while Elliott Smith technically moved away, he's an all-time favorite of mine! Also, The Parson Red Heads & Wesley Randolph Eader! 

Do you have a crush on any past presidents?
Hahaha! I feel like this was asked specifically due to me running out the front door of the store to shout, "I love you, Bill!" when he was across the street at Powell's. But yes, Bill Clinton, JFK, and Teddy Roosevelt are all crushes of mine. 

If you could have Morgan Freeman read you a book over coffee, what would it be?
Oh man... East of Eden is my favorite book, so maybe that. Or the Chronicles of Narnia; he'd make a great Aslan.

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